for . I . am

Ask for the meaning, ask why it may – for I am human, I will say.


Somewhere... between autism and schizophrenia

A diametrical spectrum with schizophrenia on the one end and autism on the other end has been proposed. Our inescapable attachment to simplicity draws most attention to the pathological extremes of this spectrum.

However, one of the most important things to derive from the idea of a complex spectrum is the in-betweens: the large number of people who are neither »ill« nor perceive themselves as »normal«. Who are »schizophrenish« or »autistish«.

A diametrical spectrum
Evolution is balancing the bandwidth of conscious access, which results in a distribution between neurotypical, autism and schizophrenia.

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Most of us have an intuitive, emotional attitude that "privacy" needs to be "protected". Here is an argument from the perspective of a functioning evolution of our society. As a complex adaptive system, our society depends on a dynamic balance between stabilization and flexibility: the role of privacy is to guarantee individual freedom and flexibilty.

The society as a complex adaptive system
The society as a complex adaptive system on an evolution path.

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Complex, complicated: not simple

We all love simple systems. We can understand, predict and control them easily. Engineers and scientist love complicated systems. They are difficult to control, but many strategies were developed to master them.

Nature, however, loves complex systems. And leaves us with the challenge to develop strategies to deal with complexity.

Concept of visagree

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How AI will »talk« to us

Have you ever wished that you could project the image (or what you »imagine«) you have in mind into the mind of someone else? Because it is too difficult to say what you mean? AI will be able to do so - by visually presenting in addition to writing and talking.

Communication bandwidth comparison
Visually presenting AI can use a much higher information bandwidth (gray area) compared to talking AI (red area).

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Solid protein surface

Biology and classical technology are separated by a large gap of mutual optimization. The solid protein surface is a concept to bridge the gap between solid electrodes and proteins by mimicking the surface chemistry of a protein on a solid.

The anonymity of the mass
The surface chemistry of a solid (carbon-hydrogen C-H or carbon-oxygen C-OX) can control conformation, orientation and activity of a biomolecule.

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